Computer Networks (NET 331)

Spring 2012

Date Subject Importance Announcement
10 April 2012 Project High The term project is available in the project page. The deadline is April 27.
14 March 2012 Video Medium

Video Lecture of this course are available on this Album

28 Jan 2012 Googlegroups Medium

In order to receive announcements and recommendations related to the course, you MUST subscribe to the following group email of the NET 331 course

Any message sent by instructors on the group email is considered as an information proof for all students.

PS. It is better, but not necessary, to have gmail address to subscribe to the group mailing list.

To subscribe go the group page
and join the group

You will only be able to receive emails, but you cannot send emails to the group.

28 Jan 2012 Welcome Message Normal
Welcome to NET 331 - Spring 2012


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