High Speed Networks (NET 456)

Fall 2011

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I ask the professor for a Recommendation Letter?

I am receiving a huge number of requests for recommendation letters.
I have spent too much time trying my best to respond to these request, but now I really cannot deal with such a huge number of requests.

I will try to make recommendations for students fulfilling the following conditions:

  • You have grade higher than or equal to A in my courses
  • You have less than 4 hours of absences
  • You have a GPA more than 4.30


If you satisfy those conditions, you can send me an email asking for a recommendation. Otherwise, I am sorry for not recommending you.

The email requesting recommendation must contain the following information:

  • You full name in English.
  • Your GPA.
  • Your Grade in my courses.
  • The purpose of the recommandation.
  • The number of absences you get in my courses.

I accept to do recommendation if I am not so busy with other urgent and important tasks. So, please ask for your recommendation early enough.