High Speed Networks (NET 456)

Fall 2011


Videos courses for High Speed Networks (if any) will be available for download in this page. Permission is granted to copy and distribute this material for educational purposes only.

It is important to note that this webcast does not replace, in any means, the real attendance of the students to the course. It must only be considered as a support for students to revise notes that have been presented and discussed during lectures.


The video course does not necessarily reproduce all materials discussed during lectures. Parts of the lectures can be ommitted from the video. I disclaim any misuse of this material or any missing information as compared to what it has been presented during the lecture.

You can see all the videos in this Album


Date Lecture N° Video Lecture Comments
Nov 14-15, 2011 02 Lecture02: Circuit Switching and Packet Switching Video on Vimeo
    Lecture03: Networks in Switch Fabrics
    Lecture 04: ATM
    Lecture 05: High Speed LANs
    Lecture 06: MPLS